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Ausgewählte Verse zum Thema Zinsen

Prohibition of Interest

The word used in connection with interest in the Quran is Riba, the connotation of which is not identical with that of the word “interest” as commonly understood. Riba is prohibited because it tends to draw wealth into the hands of a small circle and to restrict the exercise of beneficence towards one’s fellow beings. In the case of loans which bear interest, the lender in effect takes advantage of, and makes profit from, the need or distress of another.

2:276. Those who devour interest do not rise except as rises one whom Satan has smitten with insanity. That is because they say: ‘Trade also is like interest;’ whereas Allah has made trade lawful and made interest unlawful. So he to whom an admonition comes from his Lord and he desists, then will that which he received in the past be his; and his affair is with Allah. And those who revert to it, they are the inmates of the Fire; therein shall they abide.

2:277. Allah abolishes interest and causes charity to increase. And Allah loves not anyone who is a confirmed disbeliever and an arch-sinner.

2:278. Surely, those who believe and do good deeds and observe Prayer and pay the Zakat shall have their reward from their Lord, and no fear shall come on them, nor shall they grieve.

2:279. O ye who believe! fear Allah and relinquish what remains of interest, if you are believers.

2:280. But if you do it not, then beware of war from Allah and His Messenger; and if you repent, then you shall have your original sums; thus you shall not wrong, nor shall you be wronged.

2:281. And if any debtor be in straitened circumstances, then grant him respite till a time of ease. And that you remit it as charity shall be better for you, if only you knew.

2:282. And fear the day when you shall be made to return to Allah; then shall every soul be paid in full what it has earned; and they shall not be wronged.



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